Tubik Monthly Review. September.

Life shows all the time that every finish is a kind of a new start while every start is the best time to stop, look back and consider what has been done at this stage. And that is what we are going to do every month in out Tubik Monthly Review which will gather important events, shots, posts and achievements of our studio. So, welcome to the September page of Tubik Life chronicles.

Besides active and devoted work on current projects on branding, logo design, UX/UI, animation and illustration, the starting month of autumn was really full of bright colors on Tubik Studio Dribbble page. Let’s look what September brought there.

Dribbble shot by Tubik Studio

Cooking Website by Ludmila Shevchenko


Event App by Tubik Studio

Event App by Tamara


Dribbble shot by Tubik Studio

Switch Control Animation by Valentyn Khenkin


Dribbble shot Tubik Studio

PartyCloud App by Konst


Dribbble shot by Tubik Studio

Sea Shedule Mobile by Valentyn Khenkin


Dribbble shot Tubik Studio

Tubik Characters by Arthur Avakyan


Dribbble shot by Tubik Studio

UI Animation Concept by Alla Kudin


Dribbble shot Tubik Studio

Analytics App Concept by Daria


Dribbble Shot Tubik Studio

UI Navigation Concept by Ludmila Shevchenko


Dribbble shot Tubik Studio

Force Touch Slide Menu by Kirill


Except Dribbbling, Tubik Studio also took part in the professional event in IT sphere called IT-Weekend. It was hosted by SoftServe company in Kiev and Tubik Studio CEO Sergey Valiukh took part in it as the invited speaker and the judge for IT-Awards competition. The event was full of interesting speeches and pleasant professional communication.


IT weekend

IT-Weekend conference 


Certainly, as usual, we published loads of photos showing studio daily life and processes on our Instagram page

Tubik Studio


…and were happy to share our ideas and experience in our Tubik Blog (you could also read some of them here via WordPress). September started with a bit of education – some immortal and highly practical quotes from gurus of usability Steve Krug and Don Norman. Then we published the new issue of Design FAQ Platform with our ideas about steps and features of designing UX/UI to make the product viral. Also we got together around one simple but useful grammar exercise discussing must and mustn’t in design sphere based on our own practical experience, and, of course, we shared this discussion with our readers.

So, September was full of everything, bright, active and energetic for our team inspiring us to do even more and tell you about it next month here.

Originally written for tubikstudio.com

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